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The strength of your grip is determined by the muscles in your hands. But your hand muscles are not nearly as strong as the muscles in your lower and upper back or in your traps and shoulders.

Lifting hooks distribute some of the load off of your fingers and onto your wrists and hands so you can hold on to heavier weights for a longer time. (That means more weight AND more reps per set.)

So when you do an exercise like a barbell shrug, deadlift or a lat pulldown, you have to stop the exercise because of grip fatigue rather than total exhaustion of the target muscle. You might not think this is true…but you’re about to read proof.

We headed straight for a local gym to have random test subjects try out these hooks under real gym conditions. What happened? Honestly…they were absolutely blown away!

See, the way to really test something like this is to measure how much you can lift with them and compare that to how much you can lift without them. But there is a serious limitation when doing the comparison. If you do your first set to absolute failure with the hooks – and completely exhaust a specific muscle group – and then remove the hooks and try to do a second set without them it’s very obvious you’ll be substantially weaker on your second set and the true value of the hooks will be greatly exaggerated.

What to do?

Well, what if we tested the opposite way? What if we had test subjects lift to absolute failure without the hooks, then slapped the hooks on to see what they could do when their muscles were now pre-exhausted? Wow! That would be one tough test! So that’s what we did.

“Hey, everybody! Look at me!

You really have to appreciate how hard these guys tried on their first set without the hooks. They knew their effort was being measured and there were other guys standing next to them waiting for their turn at the test. So each guy really gave it everything as we all stood over him and coaxed him on and counted his reps out loud in a crowded gym!

These guys probably set personal records without the hooks just because of the audience and the encouragement. Wouldn’t you? They squeezed out every rep they could until total failure.Nobody wanted to wimp out early with such a loud audience around him.

Then – after that all-out performance on their first set – the subjects put on our 1TonHooks and did a second set.

What happened?

They all lifted more weight and completed more reps!! A lot more. In fact, they averaged a 98% increase in the total weight lifted on their second set! Remember, that’s after they pre-exhausted themselves going to full failure using no hooks on the first set!

Here’s a graph to show the total tonnage increase in weight lifted by the test subjects:


And that’s not the only key measurement. The average increase in intensity of muscular output was 62%! If you understand anything about strength training, you know that intensity of muscular output is the single most important factor in developing more muscle mass and strength. Period.

So if you are training without these hooks you’re leaving a 62% increase in muscle building stimulation on the table – every workout.


You can only hoist really heavy iron when the hooks are comfortable. If they bind up or dig into you they defeat the whole purpose. These hooks are super comfortable. These 1TonHooks allow you to hoist weight to the limits of your genetic potential without discomfort.

No other lifting hooks are this comfortable. Look at the cheap foam padding in popular hooks: Comfort

And that’s not the only quality issue. Take a look at this photo I took of a pair of popular hooks that were sent back to me several years ago. When trainees start hoisting the big iron, this is what can happen to the buckle of common lifting hooks:


And the 1TonHooks are fully adjustable, not just in the wrist but also in the distance from your wrist to the palm of your hand. No other hooks offer this important, power maximizing feature.


Quality That’s Guaranteed for Life

The 1TonHooks come with a 90-day “no questions asked” satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like them for any reason, just send them back and get a full money back refund. (Less shipping)

Also, your 1TonHooks carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage or defect. If yours ever break, bend, wear out or otherwise show signs of defect, we will replace them free of charge for life! (Excluding shipping)

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