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Everyone who works out wants better abs. Men and women agree that sculpted, ‘six pack’ ab muscles look great. But the amount of time people waste on useless ab exercises is criminal. Thousands of unweighted sit-ups and crunches? Please! The secret to developing your abs to their maximum potential is no secret at all.

Abdominal muscle respond to the same training stimulus as every other muscle in the body: high intensity of output, combined with progressive overload. The SixPackStrap was engineered from the beginning to deliver those two critical elements. And something extra that is offered by no other abdominal product we know of. (We’ll get to that in a moment.)

We went through many designs and prototypes of the SixPackStrap before we perfected it for all the exercises it performs. Early versions were more like a harness that required multiple adjustments to fit properly. But when we added the innovation of the “paratrooper handles” it allowed us to achieve maximum results in every abdominal exercise.


Left image: The SixPackStrap is made from very strong, durable ballistic nylon with thick neoprene padding. It comes with a heavy steel chain and a carabiner to quickly connect to a high or low pulley. Like all our products, it comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects.

Right image: Ready for use in 5 seconds! Notice the innovative paratrooper handles attached to the SixPackStrap? These are the most critical element in generating maximum overload and target muscle isolation…in total in comfort.


Before we explain why the SixPackStrap is such a breakthrough, we need to very briefly discuss some of the other abdominal exercise machines and devices you might have seen.

You’ve likely seen the old method of twin straps that hang from a chin-up bar. You hook your upper arms in them, hang in the air, then lift your knees to your chest. Fine. But what if you are a beginner and can’t handle that much weight?

And even if you can handle your full body weight, how to you add extra weight on future workouts to insure that critical element of progressive overload? You can’t!

The same is true for the plethora of “crunch machines” sold on TV. They offer no way to add resistance as your abs get stronger. Or they offer puny rubber bands that provide a maximum of 10 or 20 pounds – then it’s a dead end again.

Without progressive overload you can’t develop your abs to their full potential. That is a biological fact.

And here is perhaps the worst part: none of those gizmos provides any way to work the lower back! And your low back muscles are the critical antagonistic muscles to the abdominals. You need to train them both equally or you’ll develop an imbalance of strength that can lead to back aches, injuries and other problems.

The the SixPackStrap allows you do develop your abs in concert with your low back muscles. Plus it also works your abdominal oblique muscles, which are notoriously difficult to train because there is almost no equipment available for that specific purpose except for rare machines costing thousands.

And if that’s not enough, the SixPackStrap also allows you to perform three additional exercises for other muscle groups. (see below) These photos show you the maximum results-producing exercises you can only perform with the SixPackStrap:



A weighted low pulley crunch. Notice how grabbing the paratrooper handles allows control over the movement and moderates the distribution of the weight on the chest. Total comfort.



A weighted high pulley crunch. An alternate position that some people find more comfortable or easier to master. There is total focus on the ab muscles, with zero help from the biceps, triceps or chest muscles…unlike many so-called ab exercises that distribute the load over many muscle groups and cheat you of maximum ab development.



High pulley oblique. By placing the SixPackStrap on the high pulley or Lat Pulldown pulley (same thing) you can then put your upper arm in the strap and use your abdominal obliques to squeeze your body sideways. This exercise gets rave reviews from everyone who tries it. You have to feel it to believe it!



Low pulley row for low back. Notice how grabbing the paratrooper handles keeps the SixPackStrap in place while ensuring the low back does all the work? It’s brilliant! And this critical exercise keeps your low back muscle development in lock step with your ab development. The SixPackStrap is a total solution!


The above exercises make the SixPackStrap unique in the world of fitness products. It’s engineered to deliver the maximum performance from the maximally effective abdominal exercises…and it also allows you to keep your low back muscles in harmony every step of the way. The SixPackStrap isn’t just an accessory to keep in your gym bag…it really is a necessity if you want to build your abs in the fastest, most efficient way possible!

And here are three bonus exercises you can also do with your SixPackStrap:



One-armed lat pulldowns. Many people who do strong range training or Static Contraction Training get too strong for their machine’s lat pulldown weight stack. These people can perform one-armed lat pulldowns using the SixPackStrap to totally isolate the lat muscles. (Most lat exercises distribute the load between the biceps and the lats…that won’t happen with the SixPackStrap. Better focus means better lat development. Period.




Adductor and abductor muscles. Women in particular love to work these leg muscles because of the improved shape and tone they deliver to the legs. With the SixPackStrap already connected to the low pulley for your other exercises, it’s a snap to work these leg muscles!


Remember, on every single one of these exercises, the SixPackStrap delivers the two things you need most: a high intensity of muscular overload and a way to keep that intensity progressive from workout to workout! That – and only that – is what allows you to achieve the maximum possible abdominal muscle development. Get the ‘six pack’ abs you want – in the shortest time possible. Order a SixPackStrap now!


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